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Audio Post-Production

We are experts in post-production and mixing 5.1 audio for cinema, tv and vod.

With the best in equipment and acoustic design, we are equipped for global, real-time collaboration.

Our Screen Excellence projection screen and THX-certified monitoring provide the full movie experience, where you see and hear everything.

Above all, we deliver exceptional results, on time and within budget, because your success is our priority.

“Sound is where you get the most bang for your buck.” (George Lucas)

Pós-Produção e Finalização 5.1 estúdio

selected projects

What we do


Elevate your projects with our 5.1 Mixing, re-recording, and Sound Design services.

From initial production audio to the final Production Masters, we cover editing, soundtracks, ADR, Foley, dubbing, and mastering.

Deliverables are fully compliant with your Loudness and delivery specifications. Ready to seamlessly integrate into your DCP, Broadcast, or VOD content.

Take your project to the next level with personalised, emotionally engaging audio!

“... I've always believed audiences are moved and excited by what they hear in my movies at least as much as by what they see.” (George Lucas)


Soundtracks & Music

Crafting cinematic experiences through 5.1 score mixing, our passion spans the spectrum from symphony orchestras to electronic beats.

We also create cool soundtracks and lyrics, and love recording amazing musicians and the natural beauty of acoustic instruments. Let us bring your musical vision to life!

"I've always felt that music is more expressive than dialogue. I've always said that my best dialogue and screenwriter is Ennio Morricone. Because, many times, it is more important a note or an orchestration than a line said.” (Sergio Leone)


"Explore a diverse array of voices in our Brazilian voice bank, complemented by strategic partnerships for various languages. Our voice talents are adept at bringing characters to life in animation, adding flair to commercials, enhancing dubbing, and immersing players in captivating narratives for video games.

We also offer real-time remote recording via Source-Connect.

Transforming ideas into art

We have had the privilege of working on films, documentaries, TV series, commercials and music for some fantastic clients.

We are proud to have their trust, and happy to have contributed to many amazing projects!

Pós-Produção e Finalização 5.1
Pós-Produção e Finalização 5.1
Pós-Produção e Finalização 5.1
Pós-Produção e Finalização 5.1
Pós-Produção e Finalização 5.1
Pós-Produção e Finalização 5.1

Remote approval

Receive audio and video via any browser or iOS device,

with Industry standard encryption included!

Perfect for International collaborations, or when you just cannot get to the studio.

colaboração remota
remote collaboration post-production and mixing 5.1 audio


Independant filmaker

Kurt Shaw

Guy does a wonderful job with sound. He gave new life to our feature film, The Princess of the Alleyway, and we will certainly be working with him again.

Raül Bonilla

Guy is a clever guy, he's hard-working, he searches excellence so despite he's got the skills to do his job he's always trying to learn and get better. Oh, one of the most important things in a sound engineer and producer: HE LISTENS TO THE MUSIC with an open heart and open mind.

Garance Zarn

I immediately felt safe handing in my work for mixing or mastering, and always found the "british efficiency" in what was given back to me. I would definitely recommend his work!

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